Experience Everything.

I love these words… they’re so very true!


Experience Everything.

Better Late Than Never.

It’s almost another half a year since I’ve blogged here :(

Although, to no surprise things are generally the same.

I felt like just including a quick note to self on what’s working and what’s not working in my life, right here. Because sometimes we can’t action on our thoughts before we write them down.

Start with the positives:

What’s Working:

  • You + Me :) Full stop. Thanks to KHC for the utmost support + loving a girl could ask for.
  • Adjusting to my new ‘role’ at work, new environment, new challenges…etc. It’s different, yet familiar. It will feel like home sweet home – eventually –
  • Making the time to keep up to date on the news, interesting articles online, industry trends, etc.

What’s Not Working:

  • Earlier bedtimes. NTS: I’m not in university anymore and staying up late to finish work shouldn’t be a solution, it’s a bad habit that needs to stop
  • Procrastination on the somewhat ‘important’ stuff
  • Not giving myself enough time to plan ahead – e.g. vacation!
  • Making time and being willing to pamper and spend $ on myself
  • Need to kick my butt and get back into running and hot yoga

There’s more to say, but maybe at another point in time :)

Cheerio for now…

Better Late Than Never.

Renewal. Refresh. Rethink.

“May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful, and don’t forget to make some art — write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself.” – Neil Gaiman

I’ve posted this lovely quote on tumblr before in hopes that it will (can) inspire me in the start of the new year to do NEW things. Maybe this time around it will happen :) One can only hope, right? 

Renewal. Refresh. Rethink.


DSC_0725_NEW& in somewhat chronological order… 2012 at a glance:

  • Deerhurst Resort for Marketing Conference
  • Started Hot Yoga at Moksha
  • 1st time at Blue Mountain with KHC’s family
  • Launched a new Canadian brand at work :)
  • Montreal trip getaway with KHC !!!
  • BNPA show with annual goodie bag
  • Raptors vs. Lakers at the ACC Restaurant with Team G
  • Valentine’s Day at Bisque It / Spencer’s for dinner
  • Attended my first product photoshoot with West Studio
  • Attended 2012 Doors Open
  • 1st TFC game at BMO Field
  • 1st time in NYC with KL & AK
  • TUMs at Brick Works
  • Toronto Harbour Cruise with Friends
  • Flare Magazine Fall Trends Report at Brant House
  • Attended Tom & Claudia’s Wedding
  • 1st time golfing on 18-holes course / driving golf cart
  • 1st anniversary in a B&B in Tobermory
  • 1st time Kayaking at Kelso Lake with KHC
  • Sake Brewery Tour at Distillery District / Fin Izakaya KHC Birthday
  • Summerlicious at Corner House for KHC’s Birthday
  • 1st time in Seoul, Korea, attending Sung & Naomi’s Wedding
  • 1st time in Japan (Osaka, Kobe, Tokyo, Kyoto, etc.)
  • Many firsts in Japan/Korea: Sumo wresting, fish auction, traditional Korean wedding ceremony, natural spring spa… etc.
  • 1st NFL tailgate party in Buffalo
  • Watching Psy perform at Samsung Note Launch Party at Kool House
  • Celebrating KHC’s CMA accomplishment at the Westin Harbour Castle / Royal York Hotel
  • Car accident  = Car is Totaled :(
  • Watching Fall leaves at Chalteham Badlands with KHC
  • 2nd Cirque du Soleil Show – AMALUNA at The Portlands
  • 1st ballet for a long time Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland at the Four Seasons Centre
  • NEW boss / brand portfolio at work
  • Agency Wars at Arcadia Court
  • Tunezy 1st Anniversary Party at the Burroughs
  • Attended my 1st CHL game to watch Niagara Ice Dogs
  • Bought my NEW old car :)
  • Hosting xmas potluck with Simsums
  • New Baby Girl cousin joins the family on December 17
  • Christmas dinner with the HC family :)
  • And it continues… 

And after reviewing this list I came to the realization that I had a full and fabulous year.
Cheers to many more NEW and exciting moments in 2013 :) YOLO !!!



Time certainly flies. i’m sitting here staring at my calendar with all the notes I’ve made throughout this past month of all the exciting things I’ve been up to lately, including:

  • Purchased my new-OLD car :) Finally! It took over a month but I found you “Mr. Grey”
  • Agency Wars: Watching my first ever amateur boxing event at Acadia Court, more exciting than I anticipated
  • Bowling with the Marketing Team at work – Our team rocked it :)
  • KHC’s office holiday party; nothing is better than an in-house chef cooking for you
  • Secret Santa with friends X3
  • Minute to Win it Games
  • Watched my first CHL/OHL game (Niagara Ice Dogs) in Niagara Falls – holy crap the smell was something else…
  • Potlucks x3 – This will be why I gain weight this holiday season !!!
  • Simsums Xmas at my place *COMING SOON*
  • House warming at a lovely loft in Corktown and the best wine/cheese/salami I’ve had in a while
  • Tunezy 1st anniversary party
  • CHC’s birthday dinner – Hakka food is quite yum afterall (minus the spicy dishes)
  • Watched SkyFall (does this count?)

Anyway, I’ll come back with something more meaningful soon! I promise.

Right now this will just be a laundry list of eventful happenings :)


OCT13 17:25PM

I was a pretty bad car accident yesterday… Sandwiched between two cars. I can’t seem to get the images out of my head just yet, too soon I suppose. But I just wanted to make sure I documented this incident/ordeal/trauma whatever you want to call it because I’ll want to remember when it happened months/years from now. It was such a scary moment, on my way home after a great afternoon with a girlfriend shopping. Green light ahead, a build up of cars ahead in my lane, I’m stepping on my brake so my car comes to a stop and the next thing I know, all I hear is a big BANG. Not being able to register what JUST happened, until I see the vehicle in front of me and the one behind.

Horrible Realization: I was just in an accident.

My heart is racing, I feel disoriented, I’m trying to stay calm, turn my engine off, park my car, and the driver of the vehicle behind me comes to check on me and he’s an elderly man holding onto his heart like he’s either in shock or in pain. But his face had the look of remorse and relief that I was alive, staring back at him, screaming “are you okay, sir.” The passenger in front got out of his car and was walking to the back to check out his bumper, which was now detached and on the road. I reach for my phone, call my parents and it’s a horrible moment having to keep my composure and tell my mother that I just got rear ended, but I’m not hurt, I’m okay and the tears just run down my face – unstoppable. Next call is to 911 and it’s the first time I’ve probably ever reported an incident through the emergency line. My parents arrive on the scene and my mom’s frantic, we hug, we’re crying and she’s so thankful that I’m not injured; so am I. The paramedics and police cars arrive and the rest feels like the longest night I’ve ever had….

Realizations from this traumatic event:

  1. You never know what tomorrow can and will bring. Live everyday to your fullest.
  2. Be grateful for all the important things every day: good health and family and friends that love/care for you
  3. Drive safe. DO IT. MEAN IT – when you say it to someone.

I am so thankful to be alive. thank you thank you thank you for watching over me.
My mind has drifted here and there to “what if” and there is a whole host of scenarios of bad/horrible things that could have happened to me… Now the next step is to put this behind me and move on (also need to say good-bye to my car, just like that…) That so far has been harder than I imagined. Physio will help with my sores/pains, but that slight feeling of anxiety when I’m in the car now in traffic will hopefully go away with time.

OCT13 17:25PM

Gobble Gobble

{ a photo-log } 

A trek to one of our favourite places this weekend: Cheltenham Badlands in Brampton, Ontario
Oddly enough, it was our first time there together! And the colours of Autumn welcomed us with open arms :) Oh how incredibly beautiful Ontario can be during this time of year… Amazing to know that people from all over the world fly to parts of Canada just to witness the changing of the Fall leaves. It’s the first time I’ve really appreciated it myself. Thanks for suggesting we take the trip… what a fun afternoon it was :)


Gobble Gobble