During this time of year, I always spend some time to reflect on the past 365 days. I look back at old photographs, fun things I documented on social media and I feel grateful for all the experiences that I had and all the people in my life new/old. This year, instead of spending too much time focusing on the past, I want to get ahead and refocus on: Tomorrow.

It’s a great time to give your spirit a boost of motivation on achieving bigger and better things. So, this year:

  1. A bad habit I’m going to break: skipping breakfast.
  2. Eat out less and cook more at home.
  3. Become more educated about ingredients and nutrition.
  4. A place I’d like to visit: Prince Edward County
  5. Postcard at least 1 friend on every vacation I take.
  6. Start each morning with a list of 3 things I’m grateful for.

My resolutions are published here, so hopefully, they will hold me accountable.

Ending off this post with an inspirational quote… Cheers to the best year of our lives yet!

Wake up early. Drink coffee. Work hard. Be ambitious. Keep your priorities straight, your mind right and your head up. Do well, live well, and dress really well. Do what you love and love what you do. It’s time to start living.


Be Kind.

“Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

Today, I had a reminder that not everything is as ‘simple’ as it looks.
And in light of it all, it’s definitely true – everyone you meet in this world IS fighting some sort of battle.
No matter the situation and what you might believe, you should always try to be kind.
It sounds really simple, but sometimes it is easier said than done.

Anyway, I tried really hard to comfort someone today for opening up to me and putting themselves in a vulnerable state. I hope it worked :)

Be Kind.

Over Thinking Kills Your Happiness.

First of all, I think I’m going to go against the title of this post and share what’s been on my mind lately.

  • Excuses. I feel like I’ve been making a lot of these lately when it comes to living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I keep telling myself that after this next project, I’m going to be able to make time to take better care of myself. And honestly, I haven’t. Work has consumed me in more ways than one lately and as much as I love what I do, it’s not my ‘be all end all.’ Reality is that it’s always going to be there. Someone once told me that building one’s career is like ‘running a marathon’ … I really need to remind myself that I’m in it for the long haul and I can’t expect myself to stretch and work at the levels I have been these past few months.
  • “You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.” This is one of Oprah’s quotes that I adore because it really tug at my heartstrings the first time I read it. It might be hard to believe, but I don’t think I do this enough. One of my distinct qualities that people have told me about is that I’m a really ‘easy-going’ person and sometimes, I think this means I trump what I really want. I make that compromise, or I don’t speak up when I know I really should. It sounds silly, but most of the time during these moments I feel really conflicted on the inside :(
  • (To be continued…) 
Over Thinking Kills Your Happiness.

Chasing Pavements

It’s a rare occasion that I’m writing, but sometimes when I hear a good song it strikes a cord inside of me prompting a quick documentation of this evening’s thoughts. 

Life works in strange ways sometimes. I had an interesting short conversation with a colleague talking about the oddest thing: Fate. The context was about understanding if there are higher order forces exist out there (beyond our control) that make things happen in our lives. For example, when something comes knocking twice on your door, is it a coincidence? Or does it mean it was really supposed to happen? Super interesting. But these days, I’d say I’ve converted to a believer in holding our own destiny in our own hands. 

Anyway, my mom said something really random to me one day a couple years ago that I’d never expect her to say – especially in English! She said, “Let bygones be bygones.” I can’t remember why she said that to me or where she learned that from, but moms are almost always right. It feels good to really have your head facing one direction these past two years and that direction is: Forward.  And since then, life couldn’t be better :) 

Chasing Pavements