Chasing Pavements

It’s a rare occasion that I’m writing, but sometimes when I hear a good song it strikes a cord inside of me prompting a quick documentation of this evening’s thoughts. 

Life works in strange ways sometimes. I had an interesting short conversation with a colleague talking about the oddest thing: Fate. The context was about understanding if there are higher order forces exist out there (beyond our control) that make things happen in our lives. For example, when something comes knocking twice on your door, is it a coincidence? Or does it mean it was really supposed to happen? Super interesting. But these days, I’d say I’ve converted to a believer in holding our own destiny in our own hands. 

Anyway, my mom said something really random to me one day a couple years ago that I’d never expect her to say – especially in English! She said, “Let bygones be bygones.” I can’t remember why she said that to me or where she learned that from, but moms are almost always right. It feels good to really have your head facing one direction these past two years and that direction is: Forward.  And since then, life couldn’t be better :) 

Chasing Pavements

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