Better Late Than Never.

It’s almost another half a year since I’ve blogged here :(

Although, to no surprise things are generally the same.

I felt like just including a quick note to self on what’s working and what’s not working in my life, right here. Because sometimes we can’t action on our thoughts before we write them down.

Start with the positives:

What’s Working:

  • You + Me :) Full stop. Thanks to KHC for the utmost support + loving a girl could ask for.
  • Adjusting to my new ‘role’ at work, new environment, new challenges…etc. It’s different, yet familiar. It will feel like home sweet home – eventually –
  • Making the time to keep up to date on the news, interesting articles online, industry trends, etc.

What’s Not Working:

  • Earlier bedtimes. NTS: I’m not in university anymore and staying up late to finish work shouldn’t be a solution, it’s a bad habit that needs to stop
  • Procrastination on the somewhat ‘important’ stuff
  • Not giving myself enough time to plan ahead – e.g. vacation!
  • Making time and being willing to pamper and spend $ on myself
  • Need to kick my butt and get back into running and hot yoga

There’s more to say, but maybe at another point in time :)

Cheerio for now…

Better Late Than Never.

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