Time certainly flies. i’m sitting here staring at my calendar with all the notes I’ve made throughout this past month of all the exciting things I’ve been up to lately, including:

  • Purchased my new-OLD car :) Finally! It took over a month but I found you “Mr. Grey”
  • Agency Wars: Watching my first ever amateur boxing event at Acadia Court, more exciting than I anticipated
  • Bowling with the Marketing Team at work – Our team rocked it :)
  • KHC’s office holiday party; nothing is better than an in-house chef cooking for you
  • Secret Santa with friends X3
  • Minute to Win it Games
  • Watched my first CHL/OHL game (Niagara Ice Dogs) in Niagara Falls – holy crap the smell was something else…
  • Potlucks x3 – This will be why I gain weight this holiday season !!!
  • Simsums Xmas at my place *COMING SOON*
  • House warming at a lovely loft in Corktown and the best wine/cheese/salami I’ve had in a while
  • Tunezy 1st anniversary party
  • CHC’s birthday dinner – Hakka food is quite yum afterall (minus the spicy dishes)
  • Watched SkyFall (does this count?)

Anyway, I’ll come back with something more meaningful soon! I promise.

Right now this will just be a laundry list of eventful happenings :)


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