The Ordinary.

Hello :) It’s been a while… but I hope you didn’t forget me! C’est moi: 

CLICK to play an awesome song: Fish By Clara C

I thought I’d kick off today’s post with a lovely little tune I’ve been addicted to lately. Miss Clara C is coming to Toronto in October and I’m thinking about actually going to see her live! :) YAY!

Anyways, I’m not sure even where to begin… If I were to sum up all the things that have happened in my life lately it would be uneventful and eventful at the same time; nothing out of the ordinary. Except a few worthwhile mentions:

1.) Sister’s out of the country for two months in lovely UK (so jealous!) I’m so excited/glad/everything-in-between for her because she gets to travel all over Europe (somewhere I’ve never been!) So, I’ve told her already that I’ll live vicariously through her for the the next little while, until I get to fly there myself (2013?)

2.) It’s been 365days+ for KHC and I :) WHOA. Our first anniversary couldn’t have been more perfect. We celebrated in the only way we know how – an adventure. Exploring new territory and embracing the world together. This time we took a stroll through Tobermory and it was just breathtaking! I’ve never seen waters so clear, or cliffs so beautiful. Who knew that cliff/cave diving event existed in Ontario? I was definitely impressed by all those little kids who we saw cave diving into the grotto – definitely had more guts than I. P.S. Rock climbing can be scary – especially without a harness! A special note to my VIP (very important person!): Thank you for your continued faith, friendship and lovin’… =*) I’m so grateful for you, everyday. 

3.) Celebrated KHC’s birthday with a “Japan-esque” themed day with Sake Brewery Tour at Ontario Sake Company at the Distillery District and a yummy meal for the first time at Fin Isakya :) SO GOOD!

4.) Celebrated KL’s birthday at the Keg with girl friends :) So nice to see everybody again – needless to say it’s been a while… <3

Enough about the daily’s. I’m going to try to commit to blog more often because I think I miss free-style writing. It used to consume a big part of my life as an avenue to creatively think and express everything in my little world, these days I’m not sure where any of those thoughts go? On a more interesting note

The Ordinary.

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