I can’t believe that it’s fast-approaching the end of June – where did the first half of the year go? It’s amazing how quickly time flies sometimes! I guess that means we’re all having the ‘time of our lives’ heehee I sure hope so! It feels like these days I’ve been taking life in at a slower pace than I have a couple months ago when work was a little bit more insane… and I’m really glad. I have more time to concentrating on the really important things in my life, prioritize, and feel good about being “me” again. So a couple worthwhile mention-ables (since the last post!):

– NYC with the ladies was terrific :) thanks for a fantastic time KL and AK
– TFC game with the hydration team at work BRRRRrrr freezing, but good bonding time
– Downtown adventures with IL and KL = fish and chips at The One That Got Away and SOMA’s perfect gelato
– Boot Camp at work for the first time and I think I almost passed out or threw up !!!
– Doors Open with KHC :) Drake’s for dinner and Yogurty’s <3
– Adventures in Oakville brunch at Stoney’s :) coffee at Kerr Cafe and spotted a double rainbow on the way home
–  Waterloo roadtrip for Morty’s Wings and reminiscing university days with KL, AN, KHC
–  PR event at Richmond Edition gallery to see art on dirty cars!
– 1000 Tastes as part of Luminato! at Distillery District  and Toronto Life’s Perfect Saturday
– Toronto Underground Market at Brick Works FOOD GALORE :) #nomnomnom
– Kinton Ramen for the first time – mediocre compared to Luppudo in NYC!
– Toronto Harbour Cruise with good friends, nothing like a 3-hour trip around Lake Ontario
– Greek food at Colossus in Oakville – Tapas YUM! I’ll be back again!
– IM’s house warming and then catch up with girls at Murphy’s (so much gossip!)
– Kelso Lake with KHC and kayaking for the first time

I’m sure there’s probably some festivities in between that I’ve missed, but that’s all I’ve got for now! For now I’ll leave you with some happy photos :)


I’ll write again soon :) I promise


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