I haven’t blogged here in centuries (or so it feels like) so I thought I would pick it up again :) (or at least try)

Where to begin –

In a nutshell:

Work is nutty (excuse the nut references!)
Days are longer than desirable – BUT that only means greater opportunities are on the horizon, right? *fingers crossed*

Trying to still go to hot yoga and de-stress, learn to let go, focus on positive things in my life, and move forward with every new breath of oxygen =)  It’s no wonder people are so attracted to yoga these days (hot or not)… in this day and age where people are always “on the go” and “busy” it’s nice to be able to take a step back and practice something that impacts your heart, mind and soul. Ultimately for me, it’s 60-min of  “no thinking” because by the time it’s 8:30PM at night I don’t want to think about my brand strategy, business performance or what’s left on my to-do list this week – I just want to hold on to “that moment” and it totally, completely, delivers.

Anyways – It feels like COCONUTS have taken over my life lately! All for the better I’d hope. More on that at a later date :)

Besides that there’s nothing really new to report.
KHC still keeps a BIG cheesy grin on my face :)
Montreal was another adventure, our first on Canadian soil and definitely not our last! Although, I must say I do miss Florida and our adventures at Disney shucks!
Keep the goodness coming, mister. I cannot wait to spend a real summer with you (we only got the tailwind of it when we first got together last year!) haahaa SO MANY things to do! Let the planning begin.

But it starts with girls trip to NYC for Victoria Day weekend (without you! uh0ohh!) currently, in the works, but hoping we can make happen! Can’t wait.

Some visuals:

To Be Continued…



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