Feels like life has been pretty jam-packed lately… so going to jot down a couple of awesome highlights:

WVRST with Connie and May – Boo at the horrible host at the door, but the atmosphere was lively. Tried elk, bison, veal sausage :) Curryvurst! German beer, goodness! but $$$ LOVE: duck fat fries
Fred’s Not Here for lunch with the girls <3, in love now with the lobster bisque :) lovely! Great Seafood pasta as well… It’s so funny, I thought I’ve never been at this restaurant before and little did I know – I HAVE! so this is encounter #2 and it definitely was a good one!
– Ā Early Valentine’s day celebrations with KHC .. Dinner atĀ Spencer’s At the Waterfront (elk burger andĀ pickerel – SUPER good fish!)Ā Ā surprise at Bisque It for painting ceramics … Princess and her Frog (aka. Prince Charming!) teehee can’t wait to get these in a few days! *will post photos :)
– Cupcakes from the Cupcake Shoppe… sweet!
– Oh and Luxy night club to celebrate Ron and Julia’s birthday
– Dozen roses :) Red and Pink from mister… You are so sweet. Ā thank you SO much for the lovely bouquet!
Raptors vs. Lakers game at the ACC with Team Gatorade and friends :) WHAT AN AWESOME game… 92-94, we were so close to winning, super exciting finish. Had a 3-course meal at the ACC Restaurant, the food was SUPER DUPER good :)
– Looking forward to Family Day long weekend… teehee!


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