Resolutions & Highlights

Fact: I almost NEVER write here anymore
Fiction: I don’t have time.

So here I am… blogging after being away for far too long.
Sitting at my *new* desk – that’s almost a month old- munching on some roasted almonds and smelling the lovely vanilla bean scent coming from my holiday candle :) OH and enjoying a sip of my Alpine Punch tea from David’s Tea.. *soothing.

Anyway, here’s my list of new year’s resolutions (belated, but not really if we think about it from a Lunar New Year perspective) keke that’s still on-going…

1.) read a minimum of 6 novels before the end of the year (starting with The Book of Awesome, then Hunger Games, then Blink, etc. I have a line-up already!)

2.) keep in touch – friends, family, amigos, mates, etc. Be it snail mail, calling someone up for coffee one evening, or making the effort to touch base via email, I’ve been constantly reminded that our relationships with others is the most important (absolutely!) so I definitely want to make sure that I am giving the folks around me the love, care, and time that they give me

Ok.. I should have more on my list, but this is what I have so far, let’s make it an on-going list…

On a lighter note, my room is up and running… loving my shelves. You never know how much crap you have until you put it all out.

Still quite a bit of decorating to do, but all in good time!

oh and a couple of worthwhile mentions of “life lately…”

– Winterlicious at Trevor’s Kitchen and Bar = absolutely my new favourite restaurant in GTA ;)
– PepsiCo Marketing Conference held at Deer Hurst this year in Huntsville = 3-days of learning, connecting, celebrations, more to come on this later, but it was a smashing good time!
– Ā Celebrating Lunar New Year at the office with Lion Dance and asian goodies :) nothing like spreading some cultural awareness with my fellow colleagues = congrats to my team for coordinating a superb event!
High Tea with NW couple weeks ago was magnificent. Loved Windsor Arms Hotel! I’ll be back!
– Lots of hot yoga at Moksha Yoga.. Need to go more often, as I must confess I’ve had a few “Did you gain weight” comments from my relatives. *sigh… hahaha
– Ā Celebrating MT/AL’s birthdays :) fun times, nothing like some glow-in-the-dark bowling and approval from my dearest friends that you found a “keeper” aww shucks AT
– Ā Paintlounge, did I mention this already? If I didn’t, it was fun :) Painting on canvas for the first time with my boo.
– Looking forward to a snowboard/ski trip at the end of February with KHC’s family… Blue Mountain here we come!
– Also looking forward to trying out this German restaurant called Wurst with CH and MP this Friday, nothing says girls night out like beer and sausage, right? ;)

Resolutions & Highlights

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