365 days flashback

I’m late, but better late than never to refresh my memory of some of the highlights / events of 2011 that were the most significant / memorable to me:

  • 3-day Marketing Conference in Ottawa focusing on Courageous Marketing – Can’t wait for the next one in about two weeks in Huntsville
  • Watching my 1st Leafs and Raptors game LIVE
  • on March 18th I became a proud owner of my new car… the most “adult” thing I’ve done in my life (next to signing my life away when I got the offer for my full-time job!) but oh how sweet it was driving off the dealership lot thinking to myself … “my car is depreciating this very second…” HAHA
  • I got new glasses (!) this is important because my vision went down the drain (yay!).. *sarcasm
  • Shopping trip to Michigan :) (1st time!) and ate at White Castle, made my first designer bag purchase (Kate Spade) and bonded with some new friends!
  • Venturing to Webster’s Falls for the 1st time, who knew it would soon become date location #1 :)
  • Cherry Blossoms at High Park for the 1st time
  • I started to read again (leisurely!) this year, finishing three novels all by Emily Giffin
  • I officially became a part of the smart phone world with my Sony Ericsson Arc in May, which was destroyed on Space Mountain in October at Magic Kingdom
  • Isabella is born into the family :) welcome aboard my adorable cousin’s baby!
  • Teehee this is the year cupid struck me with his arrow and soon after KHC and I have been giddy ever since ;)
  • R.I.P grandpa… I miss the sight of you reading newspapers in the afternoon whenever we visit and your adorable smile. You are missed incredibly…
  • 3 words: FOOD TRUCK FESTIVAL x2 :) loveeeee
  • Niagara-on-the-Lake…1st time wine tasting at vineyards and not to mention… my 1st time in a helicopter!! :)
  • 1st year year anniversary at work :) (Oct. 18th) thanks for the bouquet of flowers mister
  • Started Hot Yoga :)
  • Basement Renovation after like 16 years of living here = finally my own new room &  washroom :) my own “space” !!! *almost completely up and running…
  • Paint Lounge :) Painting on canvas for the 1st time

Now that I reflect on it.. it’s been quite an incredible year for many reasons :) Cheers to an even more unbelievable 2012. 

365 days flashback

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