Where I Left Off

28 | nothing too exciting in the daytime, but met up with high school friends for dinner at this vietnamese / thai restaurant called Mekong River :) (website: http://www.mekongriver.ca/) some interesting items on the menu, pho was quite YUM, mango salad was a huge portion for $6, they had this ‘crispy spinach’ chef special (really good, fantastic sesame sauce!) and the green curry was disappointing – we ventured off to Jack Astors for some red wine and good catch up
29 |  SLEPT IN until noon! I think all I did today was hot yoga in the evening with CC. Felt so good after being MIA for 2-weeks.
30 |  My dad and I assembled a coffee table for our new TV for the family room. How handy am I ? *not very haha oh and watched “What Happens In Vegas” with Ashton/Cameron quite good! I enjoyed it lots
31 | in the AM all my family did was prep for a huge NYE gathering with 50+ relatives. crazy chaotic with kids galore, but it was nice to spend the onset of a new year with family and KHC :) Cheers to a very merry new year… OH and I made Sangria for the first time! (forgot to take a photo!) it was super good! and we made guacamole too! yum yum


1 | First day of the new year and I spent it reconnecting with an old friend (KL love you to bits) wandered Vaughan Mills with her, gyro pita (my craving for greek food this holiday has been somewhat satisfied!), mango smoothie instead of starbucks! and then a short visit to hang out with the HC familia (watching G-Force!) :) and home to catch the final minutes of “The Proposal” how cute :*)
2 |  Slept in again! oh dear… shopping at Sherway Gardens, gelato! and finally finally got my winter jacket at sporting life. *thrilled! im jumping for joy!!

Where I Left Off

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