Holiday Memories.

Gosh, can’t believe that it’s already the “morning of” December 28th !!! Feels like just yesterday when I was counting down the number of “work days” left until I’d be on holidays and now here I am, almost half way through it already! Anyways, it’s uber late, but I wanted to reflect, because lots has been happening lately… If I don’t write it all down, I’m going to forget soon and I wouldn’t want that, right? So, in chronological order:

21 | Business Review is presented and OVER – I can finally sleep again!
22 | Last day at work, the Hydration Team went out for a much-deserved Prince Sushi lunch. We only ordered sushi, haven’t had so many “chef’s special” rolls ever, so filling, yet oh-so-yummy! Finished my last minute shopping tonight and wrapped more gifts !

23 |  Xmas with good friends at the Bell Tiff Lightbox Restaurant, better known has O&B’s Luma. Fun night :) Tried the scallops and lentils entree pretty yummy, but their cappuccino was simply divine. Then it was off to C’est What, which was full, back to this Irish bar, where the girls had a strange-tasting mojito with dead mint leaves in our glass *shiver*  BUT the night picked up at Bier Market (ran into JT!) and danced the night away with KL and BK = fun times (p.s. Happy “_”th Anniversary Mister!)
24 | Christmas Eve – Waking up from a late night… Dim Sum with the crew at Emerald (it was so busy!) first time back there since years (I think!), then we all randomly decided to go to Sq1 (parking was horrid!) but KHC and I started a new tradition of both going into Hallmark together to pick out xmas cards for each other = muahah FUN… We spent the afternoon building our first gingerbread house :) It was a huge success, but then also feels like a waste of food and $$$, since we’re going to throw it out… I’ll rethink this for next year. The process was uber fun though, felt just like arts and crafts again! Dinner at Wild Wings because nothing else was open late :( We were craving pho too..

25 | Merry Christmas! Christmas morning consisted of sleeping in (awesome!) Going to Waterloo for Xmas lunch at my cousin’s house, back to Mississauga for Xmas dinner at my other cousin’s house with Chinese/Viet food galore and testing out their 3D TV, then off to KHC’s family’s Christmas feast filled with prime rib and smoked salmon goodness :) Pit-stopped at this house in Brampton who had xmas lights that would flicker with the music on this radio channel (for toy donations to charity) It was quite spectacular! Then some more gingerbread house/village making!
26 | Boxing Day. 8AM wake-up in search of the perfect new TV. success, go big or go home right? 60 inches of goodness (too bad I’m not much of a TV person!) got the sofa too for the basement and then failed to find parking at Vaughan Mills. Sigh* Then, felt crappy all day at home… *Yay

27 | Holiday Surprise for KHC – took him to Paint Lounge and we got our paint on (after we shopped a bit and ate Korean food at Owl!) It was actually my first time painting on canvas, quite the experience! Wouldn’t mind doing that again some time!  Zzz zzz OH and we grabbed bbt at Destiny. nothing like a little bbt goodness to end off the night…

Holiday Memories.

3 thoughts on “Holiday Memories.

  1. wow so much to read in this entry and no pics boo… but happy holidays :)
    paint lounge?! as in you go there they give you material and you can paint wahever you like within 2hr kind of thing?? that’s popular here too!!! but too bad i have no one to go with… stupid DL!!!!!

    1. hahah I was blogging really late last night as you can tell.. didn’t have the energy to match it with photos yet but I will do an update for you right now haha :) ya paint lounge is exactly what you described! when you come back we’ll go. or when I go THERE we’ll go! it’s fun I’ll show you what I painted and what he painted keke :) ME AND YOU WOULD HAVE SO MUCH FUN PAINTING I KNOW IT!

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