Life as we know it

It’s been a pretty past couple of days… holiday celebrations, business review at work and many nights without sufficient sleep to function! but regardless, we made it through and now there are only 4 days left until Christmas *dun dun dun … which reminds me, I still need to shop. oh dear..


PBC Holiday was uber fun at the Merriot Hotel banquet hall (super fancy nice!) … last year I went solo and this year I brought my “date” muaha :) Food was incredibly yummy. We both had prime rib! mmm mmm too bad the DJ we had was terrible, but we still danced a bit and officially to our first “slow dance” (Etta James, At Last) How appropriate, right? :)


Had dimsum with “Laurier” folks (sorta!) at this place called Crown Prince in Markham, it was especially yummy, looked super $$$ (very Victorian-like), I enjoyed it… I’ll come back another day!

I. Lee’s birthday tonight – wild wings. Sweet Escape = YUM.

Life as we know it

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