There’s only 13 days left until Christmas – oh my gosh. and the countdown begins! :(

Lots of shopping done this weekend – I can definitely say that I burned some rubber this time around. Done most of my “gift shopping” and some shopping pour moi, of course ;) Really happy with my purchases, finally got a new bag for work (I’ve been surviving off my broken zipper from my black bag from HK for months!) and a casual blazer that I’ve been looking for since forever! Anyways, lots to do still before the holiday, business review, putting up the xmas tree, “moving” into my new space and decorating like crazy… oh and yes, looking forward to trying high tea for the first time at Windsor Arms Hotel over the break ^^ Can’t wait :) That’s it for now… oh yes and a plug-in for a great restaurant we tried near Vaughan Mills Mall on Saturday called Marcello (http://marcellospizzeria.com/) absolutely yummy grilled calamari, pasta, and wood oven flat bread pizza.. I most definitely will be back :)

Now a note to self / reminder: 

  • Don’t be STRESSED – think happy thoughts
  • Drink lots of liquids – It’s silly you work on a water brand and are dehydrated more often than not!
  • Sleep early / Wake early … hold yourself to this routine, at least for the next 2 weeks!
  • Think ahead. Because these days you  need to be better prepared !!!
  • Relax (goes hand-in-hand with the first bullet point) it’s the homestretch.. You’ll get there!

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