December Delights :)

This has been a crazy eventful week… but I’m still a happy camper!

  • Monday – nothing too exciting here just working away! I think I went to hot yoga again!
  • Tuesday – in the PM it was the beginning of Brand College at the Corus Entertainment building ! Three guest speakers (someone from FACEBOOK!) and a tour of the facilities = fun times, we were on the set of YTV “the zone” and the set of Cosmo TV, etc. OH and saw the radio DJ’s of 102 The Edge on-air live.. then after it was off to the one of a kind show ( my first time! Lots to try: spices, sauces, jams, chocolate, etc. We had cupcakes from the Cupcake Shoppe for “dinner” – thanks KHC :)
  • Wednesday – 8AM start again at Brand College… During lunch time we all got to slide down the indoor slide (a few stories tall!) highlight of my day!
  • Thursday – finished off Brand College with a big case presentation about Ruffles that involved the theme of ‘brogasms’ too funny :) Celebrations/Graduation ceremonies at the Metropolitan Resto Bar on Victoria Street – – – MY HTC RAIDER android arrived! :) it’s nice to be connected in the smartphone world again !!!
  • Friday – Work in the AM, then it was off for our marketing holiday festivities: Curling for the 1st time at the Brampton Curling Club = SUPER FUN. Totally going to go with my friends again :) Gift stealing festivities was a big success too ($20 starbucks gift card pour moi) In the evening, was off to KHC’s company party at his CEO’s house with an in-house chef from the Food Channel including 4-main courses :) super full
  • Saturday –  Dinner with friends at Prince Sushi :) yum yum then listening to christmas music all night :) weeeeee
  • Sunday: Sleeping in is lovely !!! Spent the afternoon with friends and grabbed a screen protector / case for my phone! yay, it’s protected from the ‘real world’ i’m a happy camper. And then dinner at Congee Queen *yumyum

{shameless plug-in for a new updated couple photo }


December Delights :)

2 thoughts on “December Delights :)

  1. time for my comment… ur couple photo looks like u were trying to take a photo of yourself then he jumped in the last second haha goodbye! i like the curls on the 1st pic :)

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