the countdown begins…


{ two captures from an early  morning downtown T.O – there’s something incredibly beautiful about waking up and seen a city “wake up”… the streets start to fill with busy people, the sunlight begins to glisten along the apartment windows, etc. how lovely }

I wrote this great entry and then accidentally clear the text when I updated the photo here *ugh this blows! :( anyways – i’ll do my best to capture again to re-write what I wrote, but I’m sure it’s not going to sound as wonderful (sadly!)

I entitled this post “the countdown begins” because generally during this time of the year there’s a lot to count down to: xmas day, the new year, the last day of work before the holidays, christmas parties, etc. but this year, it feels like the countdown is extra plentiful because it’s the countdown to my basement renovation being complete (next week I hope!) and that means I can finally start to plan out what my “new space” will look like because that’s right it’s my new ‘man cave” – or the equivalent of that :) Unfortunately I’ve only had minimal thoughts about what I want to do with the space, but I am certain that whatever it is will involve a display of my lomography cameras, vinyl figures / plushies, and most importantly include a bajillion photographs that I’ve developed since the beginning of time. Also, oddly enough, I think I will be putting up my degree, it’s been framed for over a year now, sitting on the floor in my room now, it will finally have it’s own nail to hang on

on a separate note – tonight we went to check out the tree lighting festivities at celebration square :) and there were a couple food trucks on-site! we tried blue donkey and gorilla cheese for the first time and the chicken gyro and original grilled cheese sandwich were both fantastic, surely didn’t disappoint. P.S. I love those moments where we’re standing in a crowd and you have your arms wrapped tightly around me – i always feel so cozy and warm with you by my side. thanks for taking care of me, even when you’re the oh-so-sick one

the countdown begins…

8 thoughts on “the countdown begins…

  1. ✿ haine says:

    I can’t wait to see your new man-cave space as you call it! (What’s a man cave? haha) … because I know it’ll have the diana-style all over it and i always liked your style :)

    I have a count down too.. countdown til exams begin (ie. panicking because can’t study everything) and when they end (when i pack and GO HOME!).

    1. a “man cave” is typically what guys call their like their ‘territory’… where they can do their own thing, etc. so I wasn’t sure what the equivalent was.. hence the reference!

      ya i’m excited to share my diana-style.. whatever that means! let’s meet up when you’re back it’s been a while since I’ve seen you!!

      1. what day are you back, let’s try to make it work! :) hoping to plan something with all the girls but feels like it’s so hard to coordinate schedules sometimes! :(

  2. ✿ haine says:

    I finish on the 19th, so probably back either on 19th or 20th =P we’ll work something out! I’m only here for 2 weeks :( I wished they’ll at least give us another week…

    1. Nice. Two full weeks im not off work until the 23rd so hopefully we can find a good day to grab some food… Any ideas what the simsums have planned for xmas? Havent heard much buzz about any happenings yet :(

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