cheese notes

I went to the Canadian Diabetes Association Health Conference last week and I got this block of cheese (post-it’s) from So, in memory of this “freebie” I’m calling this post my “cheese notes” because it’s bits and pieces of some chicken scratch I wrote earlier of what’s been happening in my life lately.

I’ve come to a few realizations:

1.) I hardly blog anymore… I wonder if that means that a.) my life is too eventful and I don’t have time to blog 2.) I’ve lost interest in sharing my “adventures” and thoughts with my followers 3.) I don’t like to blog anymore (I really hope it’s not the last one!)

2.) I can’t believe that I’ve been working full time for over a year now… and it makes me think / wonder / reflect on a couple of things – I’ll share this later when I get around to re-organizing my thoughts most of it is along the lines of WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING ? *question mark*

3.) I’m happy. Not the kind of happy where it’s like pinch-me-because-its-too-good-to-be-true… but it’s the kind of happy where it’s like a warm and fuzzy feeling floating around inside of you every time they’re in the room or you make eye contact. aw shucks, look what you’ve done.

4.) IM NOT READY FOR WINTER DRIVING – because I won’t be investing in snow tires this year.

5.) I’m feeling travel-withdrawal… must-plan-next-vacation-soon :(

6.) I started a book, it’s called “Never Eat Alone”… it sounds pathetic I know and I actually got it from someone at work (haha, can you take a hint? jks!) but it’s all about networking and how to harness the power of your network to achieve your goals/dreams in life, pretty interesting read and I’m only on about Page 40.

7.) Signed up for hot yoga classes at this place in Streetsville – I’m quite excited to start because it’s been over 2 years probably since I’ve actually done yoga. This time doing it with friends instead of colleagues… heehee can’t wait to sweat it up! Totally feeling the exercise withdrawal

8.) We went to Andrews Scenic Acres for a family event at work, pumpkin carving, hay rides, bbq lunch, etc. It was fun, and their apple crumble made fresh was apparently delicious. I miss apple picking with ML and SC :(


cheese notes

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