My laptop is about to die with like10 minute left… but going to blog about my weekend festivities:

– Dinner with KHC, KL, AN at Saigon Star – my cravings were finally satisfied curry crab *drool :) $42 dollars (omg!) but once in a while it’s exactly what my tummy is craving

– Convocation celebrations at University of Waterloo for: KL and EC
– Dinner at Pomelo in Burlington – 1st time and was quite yum! :) coconut curry with exotic fruits: lychee and jackfruit was my favourite dish, there was also a more spicy green curry, a vermacilli dish, fish with this sort of terriyaki sauce, and lots of appetizer platters… so much thai food in one sitting
– Drinks at Earl’s to celebrate TT’s birthday :) you smell for being non-cooperative with drinks… never again. and p.s. poor tree by Earl’s at Square One, you will be forever tainted with his projectile vomit

– Shopping goodness at Sporting Life
– Viewed this condo at Lakeshore … LOVED it. not mine, someone else’s… but even from the 14th floor, the view of Lake Ontario is beautiful :)


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