my 1st “stay-cation”

Whoever thought my first couple of “vacation days” would be a “stay-cation” instead of going somewhere exotic, awesome, and away from home! :(

Needless to say it was a much needed ‘refresher’ and this is how I spent it:

  • Dinner at Joey’s downtown with WL/JL, then 3 Brewers for drinks, pit-stop Bier Market and then off to Jokker Lounge (K-Town!) with KHC and friends (memorable night!)
  • BBQ at B.Chan’s with friends – “zucchini steak” for the first time and lots of sausage? Poker! Murphy’s Ice Cream!
  • Day trip to Waterloo – brunch at Bauer Kitchen – prime rib sandwich/sweet potato fries (BEST I’ve ever had!), walked around the newly renovated Laurier campus (during Frosh Week! HA!), everything feels incredibly different, but oh-so- familiar – Contestoga Mall and hours sitting at Matter of Taste chatting with KHC
  • Downtown meet-up with TK/IL and met CT – lunch at Bier Market, had a gourmet poutine + strawberry beer! then roamed Yonge/Dundas and checked out the new Eaton’s Center food court “Urban Eatery” wow… looks really fancy, I’ll be back to try Urban Herbivore! ;)
  • HAIR CUT – FINALLY !!! good-bye 6-inches / 2-years of hair growth!
  • Weekly Badminton Thursdays – oh yes!
  • Met up with NW at BBT – late-night chats, love!
  • Dinner with AN, KL, KHC at Congee Queen, FMP shopping, Unionville walk around / photo taking. Cattails!
  • Family day with mom in Markham :) bought my earrings – finally! shopping galore. Pacific Mall. Square One.
  • Date night dinner at Miga – so yummy! stone pot beef short ribs (my favourite!)
  • Celebrated A.Wong’s birthday at yummy seafood restaurant in Markham. Mango mousse cake! =3=
  • Parents hosted mid-autumn festival dinner with relatives :) playtime with cousins!
  • 2-hours of Tennis at Mayfair Parkway Club !!! I will be back next Sunday!
  • Started the Laughing Gor II kek jap – finally! good stuff :)
Very fulfilling “stay-cation” indeed. 3-weeks and counting for Orlando! Can’t wait !!!
my 1st “stay-cation”

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