There was a moment yesterday in the car where we  both laughed that unbearable laugh (until our cheeks/stomach hurt – maybe it’s just me!) but it’s the kind of laugh where your Asian eyes disappear, your cheeks become rosy, and you’re just staring at each others’ pearly white grins. I loved this moment. In my head, I was thinking if there’s ever a moment you want to freeze between two people, it’s in such an instance where they laugh a particular laugh that is overjoyed and straight from the heart – it’s uncontrollable and absolutely feels like magic.

Sometimes I think we forget how lucky we are to find “someone to laugh with” (sorta thing!).. you know what I mean. Saviour these moments. Take a mental image. Put it somewhere safe and never let it go… Because there may come a time where you need a refresher of these moments and it will be there waiting for you, just when you need it the most.


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