the “blink” factor.

I’ve learned this term at work courtesy of one of our packaging agency partners and it’s all about shape/form. For some reason, I can also associate it with my life right now. It feels like just in the blink of an eye things can change – and at lightning speeds.

This was a crazy weekend filled with highs and lows. United with AT (finally!) and roamed along the streets of Toronto for some good old fun :) thanks for fun-filled night of relaxation and great conversation. Nothing like kicking back a pitcher of Sangria with you, while catching up on life. P.S loving your digs as well.. Clearly I’ll be back! Future’s, The Madison, and Poppers will still be there when I return.. oh and of course OWL – nothing like pork bone soup at 4AM :)

Followed by a night of no sleep, summerlicious at Auberge Du Pommier (for the first time) was incredibly yummy. Despite having to pay for parking (ugh!) the service was uber friendly, the food was delicious and this was just lunch! I had really bad lighting at my seat for photos of the food, so maybe next time I can take better ones and share. Drove back to Mississauga, then hitched a ride back to T.O for another beach day at Ashbridges – hello HK style bbq roasting meat on a stick. Yum! Perfect weather, next time we’re definitely going to beach vball later in the day to avoid the rush – so many empty nets! and of course the night ended with celebratory drinks at Murphy’s Law (congrats blanche and your acceptance, HBD Edward!) But this night ended with some bad news about my grandpa in the hospital. You will be dearly missed… =*(

Sunday was an ad hoc trip to Webster’s Falls again (detour). Afternoon of getting lost in the woods, standing at the edge of a waterfall, and chitchatting beneath one, not too shabby :) Until next time.

the “blink” factor.

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