1st of July :) Long Weekend Festivities

I was really looking forward to this long weekend and thank goodness it’s been an AWESOME one!

Kicked it off Thursday night with some good old badminton! Finished reading Emily Giffin’s “Love The One You’re With” it’s the third book I’ve read by her this year… Must say that I liked Something Borrowed and Something Blue better than this one, but it was still a good read! I’m pretty glad that I’ve picked up reading again (leisurely!) because it’s been a while since I’ve read just for fun than having to do it for class.

Friday was an early morning wake up for (hopefully – the first of many!) beach vball at Asbridges Bay! I didn’t play too much though, tanned and lounged more instead… met some folks and caught up with others. Sunshine all day long, probably got a few shades darker – next time I’m bringing a hat or a huge umbrella! Then, we headed back to Mississauga for a patio dinner at Earl’s… and of course, I ordered my classic Santa Fe Chicken Salad *nomnomnom pitcher of beer for BC, EC and I! Yumm and they actually have SUPER good calamari! :P Caught the fireworks at the new “Celebration Square” at Cityhall… massive crowd. People stopped along HWY403 to watch with emergency lights on – wow talk about illegal. Tired out from this long day!


Saturday was waking-up early again (my internal clock wakes me up at 8AM on weeks.. and 6AM during the weekdays!) and it was off to the Distillery District for the first ever Food Truck Festival – jam packed with people (trendy “urbanites” as I like to call them) with fancy cameras and dogs… line-ups were insane for food, so we only got to try like 2-3 things! :( But the walk around was lovely – found french macaroons at this cafe for $1.60 each that’s the cheapest I’ve ever seen! I got three, muahah super yum and larger than usual! There were like 3 couples taking wedding photos too! Watched Transformers at night – so long for a 10PM show… it was pretty good, but not stellar!


Sunday = REST. Maybe I’ll throw some tennis in there :)


1st of July :) Long Weekend Festivities

2 thoughts on “1st of July :) Long Weekend Festivities

    1. Diana L says:

      its an open area with like.seating on the side and lots of open spaces… big tvs … I will take a photo for you next time I’m there

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