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It’s half way through the work week but I realized that I forgot to recap my previous weekend and I should because it was jam packed with goodness.

Friday was a super long day at work followed by Wild Wings with good friends and watching Steven Spielberg’s Super 8. Had no idea what to expect for this movie because I had watched the trailer months ago, but it was surprisingly good – full theatre too! There were a couple moments where I was totally freaked out from those scenes were you just anticipate something popping out of no where! But love the kids in the movie, their interaction/dialogue – what a strong script.

Saturday was Girls Nights Out :) Nothing like trekking downtown to grab a satisfying bite to eat at a trendy restaurant in Parkdale. Parts and Labour ( was super yummy, I had the pork hock while my friends tried some exotic items like bone marrow and the brick hen. Dessert was at SPIN – my first time and I indulged in the ultimate chocolate peanut butter crepe combo! I’ll be back! What a great night – really – with two great girls, don’t think I’ve connected like that in a long time. Thanks for sharing and being awesome, I’m grateful for you in my life – We need more of these days together!

Sunday – Family time, dinner at my uncle’s and then some afternoon shopping. I finally own a piece of eggplant purple clothing :) Hopefully this coming weekend will be just as/if not more fulfilling! :)

here & there

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