It’s official.

I’m not longer a “student” and I can’t even fake being one anymore because my student card officially expired like a week ago :( haahaa *feeling old now !!!

I’ve been doing some more thinking lately, or maybe I mean, I want to do some more thinking lately, but I hardly give myself time to just sit still and do that with a paper and pen. It’s been probably months since I’ve written in that white leather notebook. When I’m talking about thinking, I referring to some heavy-duty thinking about what I want out of my career, who I am, what defines me, what I stand for, who I want to become, what I want to change, etc. These are such monumental questions that I know I won’t answers to overnight, but deserves a little more attention lately, indeed.

I came across a pretty inspirational speech today. It’s actually from our CEO and she was asked to do the commencement speech for her daughter’s high school graduation. There’s a couple of great key take-away’s from her seven page speech that I absolutely loved.

She asked a good question – What will be your contribution to creating a more perfect world? Any thoughts? I’m not sure how I would answer that question yet. And, she outlined three qualities that she hoped will continue to guide this graduating class for the future:

  1. I hope you never stop growing intellectually
  2. I hope you seek to be part of the solution
  3. I hope you assume positive intent in everyone you meet – and be positive in everything you do

Great words of wisdom that I hope stick with me for the years to come because I couldn’t agree more. It’s funny, for some reason the other day I started thinking about “wishes” on my commute home and about all the so-called birthday wishes I made every march 22nd when I blew out the candles on my birthday cake. It was never anything materialistic – like a bike, a purse, or a car, etc. It was always things that were intangible that I could never quite measure – how idealistic was I? Seeking true happiness, encountering my prince charming, maintaining good health, and finding the courage to forgive someone were part of the list these past twenty-three years. Unfortunately, I don’t even remember what I wished for this year… but next year I vow it’s going to be good – nothing like I’ve ever wished before. Just you wait and see.

It’s official.

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