come on sunshine

Wow it’s been nearly two weeks since I’ve last blogged here. WordPress is really starting to become more foreign to me – Is that a good or bad thing? I’m not too sure yet. It feels like everything has been extra busy lately – with moving offices at work (doubles my commute time – ugh!) and dealing with all this rain down pour nearly everyday definitely doesn’t make me a happy camper. Where is the sunshine already? I want my summer to begin… but then again, since my vacation plans are MIA right now, I wish I had more time to decide what I’m doing this year with my 3-weeks of “relaxation” – any thoughts? oh and I’ve managed to miss Doors Open for the 3rd year in a row now, gosh… it’s not meant to be.

Anyways there’s been a couple fun happening’s lately.. just to recap (and in no particular order):



– 1st time at Guu Sakabar with friends and had this huge 32 oz. mugs of beer, what a lively environment :)
– Victoria Day shopping with Kat at Vaughan Mills – wahoo :)
– 1st time at Pizzeria Libretto – oops think I’ve talked about this already…
– Watched Hangover II – oh gosh some scenes were so unexpected and graphic
– Sakura / Cherry Blossoms at High Park for the 1st time and it was just lovely
– 1st time at Webster’s Falls – amazing view, next time I go back I must wade in the murky water!
– Good eats at Lion City / Pho / The Keg / Korean etc. places I can’t recall at the moment but they were yummy !!!

Coming Soon … 
– celebrating my cousin’s daughter’s one month birthday – can’t wait to see her!
– father day celebrations

come on sunshine

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