starting again with a clean slate…

I think it’s been a while since I’ve written something remotely meaningful here – so my apologies, folks :) Work has been relatively busy lately, but no complaints from me – time is flying by, so I guess you can say I better be enjoying it, right?

Weekends have been nice lately, seeing friends and family. Yesterday night went to this hip/snazzy pizza place and they had incredibly yummy eggplant/pesto bruschetta and a rather delightful lemon panna cotta. I probably should have taken a photograph or two, but we were too busy indulging in it. This is where we went: My colleagues raved about it and I actually ran into two of them with their separate group of friends for a late-dinner (small world!). We tried 4 different pizzas for the 4 of us (little extreme I know!), but it was pretty delicious (although I would debate the 1.5 hours wait…) The service was actually great – waiter was awesome! Needless to say, I think I’m digging the Ossington area in Toronto now, definitely on my radar for a second visit sometime this summer. Lots of great cafes, restaurants and artsy stores to check out!

How did I spend the rest of my weekend? Fixing my laptop. Gosh thank goodness for my computer guru friend or else I would have lost all my files (I know I’m stupid for not backing up regularly!) But he managed to save them for me and help me reformat to Windows7. It’s actually quite a uplifting feeling to be starting with a clean slate again… although, I lost a lot of my favourite bookmarks on my browser :( Man, it feels like I don’t know where I should be surfing !!!

Also – I had friend randomly confide in me this weekend and it was a really nice feeling knowing that I could still “help” or listen, lend an ear, etc. Conversations like those remind me how important it is to be a good friend. And sometimes, that just means “being there.”

P.S Went to watch Something Borrowed this week and of course the book was better than the movie, BUT the movie was quite good actually! I’ve always been a Gennifer Goodwin fan. She and Kate Hudson pulled off their characters seamlessly (as how I would have imagined them to be from the book), and the addition of “Jim” from the office was marvelous :)

Oh now I remember something else memorable that happened recently I went to a Frito-Lay plant tour and saw how they made Doritos, Lays, etc. Super neat and insightful trip! Chips taste mighty good right off the production line! Oh I love mini-field trips! Alright, two weeks and counting and we’re moving to our new office (which means 10-15 minutes of a longer commute for me). Boo! Not to mention it’s going to rain for the next 4-5 days, this blows. No one wants this muggy rain weather, come on summer sun – where are you hiding?

starting again with a clean slate…

4 thoughts on “starting again with a clean slate…

  1. ✿ haine says:

    I love the book! I’ve been thinking whether or not to see the movie since reviews seemed a bit mixed… I think I still want to see it for comparison purposes hehe.

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