It’s been a somewhat bittersweet weekend.

Started off sort of (I realized that I actually say ‘sort of’ A LOT in real life… nts: stop that!) bitter… visit to Credit Valley to see grandpa and have “the talk” with the doctor… and now we wait and pray. I’ve been teary eyed all week whenever someone asks me if I’m okay… but times like these means I need to stay strong for my family. So, I will. My family decided to have hotpot that night, which was nice, because it’s been a while since we did that altogether, especially with the mucky weather outside. I spent the rest of the night reading and finally finished the “something borrowed” novel KL lent me. Wow, it’s incredibly good, can’t wait to see the movie now on May 6th – it’s a date!

Saturday was nice, met up with a good friend for pho (yummy in my tummy) thanks so much for the Clara Chung CD – absolutely love it! Headed to Heartland for the bank and noticed that Marshalls (aka. American WINNERS) opened up and it created a huge gridlock – awesome (sarcasm!) We went to check out the store and I saw absolutely nothing good – I wonder what the hype is all about? Met up with KL and IL for phototaking in Oakville – my oh my. It was one of the most scenic car rides I’ve ever had strolling through mansions and unbelievably amazing looking homes and communities – I wonder who lives there? CEO’s? Lawyers? Doctors? something along those lines I’m sure. We stopped by the lake and snapped some photos, being silly, enjoying the 15+ degrees, and chitchatting. I love days like these. Yang’s Kitchen for dinner… KL and I had a craving for Spoon and Fork’s hand rolls… but this will do! Yummy AYCE place in Mississauga – I’ll be back! The rest of the night was all about watching OUTSOURCED… slightly addicted now. Thanks a lot IL.

Sunday (no sleep in!) good because I actually hate wasting my weekends.. dimsum with KL and NW. =) wahoo. We need to do this more often. Groceries galore at Loblaws and then home the rest of the day to recover from the sick-germs that finally got to me this weekend… neocitron, please do work your magic. love, DL.


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