shop ’til I drop?

Came back from an AWESOME weekend of shopping madness :) There’s nothing like shopping in the US when the Canadian dollar is going strong!

3 days and 2 nights, 4-hour drive to Michigan. @Great Lakes Crossing Outlet I indulged in pistachio gelato from LIK (super yummy!) bought a pair of shoes from Nine West for work, no luck at BCBG for dresses, but dinner at STIR CRAZY oh la la so stuffed, we got extra noodles from the chef – It’s sort of like Mongolian Grill, but instead of being a buffet you get a little stir fry wok and you fill it with as many vegetables as you can and they portion your meat – aka. you need to get creative to fill your wok up as much as possible! Hotel was pretty good! Stayed at a place 10 minutes away from the outlet… YAY for finally making it to the pool and relaxing in the¬†jacuzzi… ¬†Monopoly Deal all night long and “drinks” galore! Birch Run Outlet was our next stop on the last day… everyone’s hands were full and feeling oh-so-broke, but oh-so-satisfied! Columbia spring jacket, ELF make-up, Kate Spade handbag and clutch (!!!), clothes from ForeverXXI and Banana Republic, etc. Target, Wal-Mart, Costco (got churros for $1, of course!), Kroger, we hit them all too! Sad I couldn’t find SoupMan though… maybe next time? Oh and last but not least pit stop at White Castle for their signature mini-burgers – wahoo! Oh and dinner at Texas Roadhouse again pulled pork for me :) Home at 11:30PM on a Sunday night right before work – awesome? *zzz zzz

shop ’til I drop?

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