One more year closer to 30 *ack! haahaa j/ks !!!

Thanks so much to my dearest family and friends for making this a great birthday for me. To the friends that stayed up until midnight for my countdown, to my cousins that sang Bieber’s “Baby” in my house a million times *on repeat* at my family birthday bash and the everyone else in between. I am sincerely grateful for you in my life and I completely agree with what AL reminded me of yesterday night when he said, “the people who matter will always remember” without FB and all :)

Just to re-cap my birthday because I always do:

Friday: Work during the day and then off to Beer Bistro – tried their New England mussels paired with a glass of Fuller EBS *bold* beer mmm mmm good :) Then, it was off to The Madison again (third time!) with good friends and a successfully embarrassing night that involves tequilas, BJ’s and well an unpleasant moment for me! Thanks for a fun night, everybody :) The chocolate truffle cake was delightful! Beer Bistro I’ll be back!

Saturday: Lack of sleep.. got home at like 3AM the night before… temple for lunch with my relatives :) then off to the dealership to sign my life away! VROOM VROOM, can’t wait to pick “her” up! East Side with my favourite girls + TL … A great night of catching up, a barrel of laughs… missed everybody so much! Ended the night off at Bubble Republic – how Asian does it get? OH and cake again… strawberry guava thanks sister dear ;)

Sunday: Taxes – muahaha $$ lunch with the family at home and then it was a big gathering with all my relatives on my dad’s side – yummy! thanks mom/dad/sis for preparing it for me! Plus, Home Alone 3 was on TV = bomb !!!

Skip forward to Tuesday: Work (of course!), surprise cake from my agency partners BBDO/Proximity folks – LOVED IT! and then dinner at home with the family again – viet paper rolls/wraps !!!


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