These days…

I’ve started to draw again :) occasionally as my source of relaxation… seems to be working.

I’ve committed to myself to have a glass of water when I wake up and before I got to sleep. Apparently we dehydrate when we’re sleeping – who would have thought? What’s going on with me lately? Just picked up my new pair of glasses.. hello Juicy Couture.. that’s the first/last/only thing I’ll probably get from this brand… They came in this light pink box, but I did like the frames (hence why I chose them in the first place!), but for some reason whenever I think of Juicy I automatically associate it with Paris Hilton and that’s probably the farthest person I’d ever associate myself with.  Car hunting, I have about a month left until I hit my deadline… damn you car salespeople.. I hate your pushiness! Yes, expect that I’m going to take all the time in the world to make the best decision for me! arrgggg…

It’s also that time of year ago… almost my birthday.. gosh.. I’m turning 23, so funny.. when I fill out forms I still think I want to put down 20.. and I’ve had two years to adjust already… I’m not ready to be a REAL adult… on a separate note, my student card expires in May this year OMG I can’t even PRETEND to get student pricing anymore in the next couple of months… this blows!


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