Strange Yet Beautiful

Isn’t it strange sometimes that when you come across digital pieces of “memories” and then you suddenly recall a time in your life when someone meant something to you and vice versa? But take a look around you now… Things have significantly changed.

Gosh, time does fly… and it feels like such a distant memory… brings me back to the first time I called you ‘stranger‘ – and well, of course, I meant it in a good way.

Well with that in mind, do things really happen for a reason (ex. destiny) or can you really grasp your future in your own hands – let’s let Matt Damon tell us all about that in The Adjustment Bureau (Can you tell yet that I want to watch the movie?)

Strange Yet Beautiful

2 thoughts on “Strange Yet Beautiful

  1. iris ma says:

    Man, I thought Matt Damon and the lady were adjusting agents or something :/ But I don’t think that was the case hahahah!

    And yup, things have significantly changed. Your age is about to change in a bit too! Hey! Look at that a birthday! :D

    1. shhh don’t tell me.. I didn’t watch it yet… I want to though.. was it good?

      what are we doing for our birthdays?!?!

      we need to figure out!
      – Di

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