February 2011

“It’s not the load that breaks you down. It’s the way you carry it.” – Lena Horne

This was one of my take-away’s from the Oscars this year, just thought I’d write a note to myself to remember a pretty meaningful quote :)

Anyways, I’ve missed blogging and it’s only been about or actually it hasn’t even been two weeks – I’m really bad at not coming back… But I’m actually back to blog about interesting things that have happened lately versus share random thoughts.

  • Went on another plant tour to see my products made LIVE – so awesome ;)
  • Farewell celebrations for our old VP of marketing, missed it, but sad to see him go!
  • Best New Product Awards – congrats team! Lovin’ the swag bag so much! I want to go hit up a grocery store now!
  • Celebrated AL/MT’s birthdays at Spoon & Fork (awesome.. I’ll go back to that restaurant some day!)
  • BBT with KL (my favourite sunshine!) missed you, I love our chats, long-distance and all
  • HBD to EM/KT, Mount Everest was a pretty yummy Indian restaurant in T.O – monopoly deal night
  • Buffalo shopping on a Sunday – NEW lomo camera for me, can’t wait to test it out! + polaroid book
  • OH and I got a new prescription for new glasses.. yay to aĀ deterioratingĀ eye-sight
February 2011

4 thoughts on “February 2011

      1. KL says:

        I will hold you to that! You can’t compare Ottawa with Buffalo…soooo different. Ottawa = school life whereas Buffalo = fun shopping trip!

      2. who needs Buffalo when we’ve got Europe coming up right… *cough* haahaa we can dream for now right? until at least we can plan.. ;)

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