EX (前度)

currently finishing up the last 15 minutes of  the movie 前度 (“Ex”)… I had high expectations… as I instantly fell in love with the trailer/storyline… and especially the soundtrack “there’s no such thing” :)

what I enjoyed about the movie… characters, well-defined, pretty authentic to me, really captured emotions quite well. It also poses a few interesting questions as themes throughout (ex. can two ex-lovers really be friends or “just” friends after a break-up?)… among other things, the mood was consistent – mellow – but there’s one scene in this movie that made me feel so sad…. whereas… something one of the characters said really struck a cord: “there’s no one in this world that you can’t live without” – or something along those lines… *ponders.

anyways – out and about with the family this weekend and picked up a “lucky cat” cell phone key chain.. you can customize the animal and the colours, which represent different things. I had such a hard time figuring out what I wanted this charm to represent for me… but I ended up going with a green chubby kitten for “happiness” :) I hope happiness has the different dimensions of career/family/health/love/etc. all covered.

off to Ottawa soon times – crossing my fingers for an unbelievable experience!

EX (前度)

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