realizations 2.0

maybe I’m not dreaming big enough.

It’s funny Lotto Max has done a good job branding a phrase like that… when I say it, I automatically think of the TV commercials and radio spots. But in all seriousness, sometimes I think I restrict myself a lot in terms of what I want to do – presently and in the future. Maybe I really do need to sit down sometime soon and just brainstorm/plan what I want to do… It is the start of a new year after all, right?

And how suitable, came across a post on tumblr that says, “To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.”

Anyways, completely unrelated, but had a long chat with an old friend today and we talked about ‘companionship’ … what an interesting word. I guess sometimes we’re all not willing to admit how much we seek that as human beings.

Where are you?

realizations 2.0

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