I probably have titled a previous post with the same name – TEN THINGS, but that’s okay (why not reuse goodness, right?) Just thought I’d jot down a few things I have to do in the near future…

  1. Book Winterlicious – starts January 13th for AMEX holders – muahahah *points to self
  2. Continue car hunting because that hasn’t been successful to date… *sulk
  3. Create my bucket list for things I want to do before I die !!!
  4. Start thinking about vacations – who/where/when should I go ???
  5. Set up I.F.S.A – private little acronym for me …. :) before March 1st
  6. Finish roll of film in the fisheye and get it developed ASAP !!!
  7. Book appointment with optometrist – it’s been too long, my eyes are probably deteriorating :(
  8. Finish reading – “The Next Evolution of Marketing” – currently on page 43 of 273
  9. Determine my new year’s resolutions – so delayed…
  10. Something I’m forgetting that important goes here… give me some time….

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