blah blah blah

my credit card came for the month of December – it wasn’t as bad as I expected – although I just signed up for a new credit card haahaa free movies, here I come :)

completely random, but I think I’m in dire need of  hair cut – any recommendations?

I’m beginning to tweet a lot more than I expected – who would have thought?

I watched TV today… on my television and not streaming online  – WOW! A first in a really long time… caught Modern Family’s season premiere! It’s probably one of my favourite shows now – a barrel of laughs! Watched a bit of the People’s Choice Awards – feels like forever since I’ve last watched a real awards show… And of course, caught bits and pieces of the gold medal game for the World Juniors – disappointment to the MAX. Everyone’s in utter shock at loss *sigh… so many tweets about it… it’s a sad night for Canadians.

P.S – That’s it. I need a detox from these thoughts. =____=” It never does me any good. So disappointed in myself and this same old path I always choose to walk. sigh.

blah blah blah

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