And so it begins again…

Say good-bye to sleeping in and staying in PJ’s all day… it’s back to work I go! It’s going to be a very hectic January/February with our launches and communication plans kicking off for the new year, but very excited for everything to come *fingers crossed* that things will go smoothly !!!

Yesterday I decided to create myself a homepage on flavours (so here it is: I will probably spend some more time on the design of the page, but for now it will do.

Over the holidays I’ve also become somewhat of a avid tweeter – who would have thought this day would come? Follow me @diiiannaly (though it’s no guarantee that you’ll come interesting content from me!)

I’ve also been watching 居家兵團 | Home Troopers lately… The storyline is not that great, nor are the actors, but I’m watching it anyways because it’s rather entertaining during dinner ;) besides, this is lame, but I learned a random thing or two about cleaning… that’s it for now. Oh yes, I’m going to go watch a Raptors game and a Leafs game next weekend… my first for both, it will be such an eye-opener for me in the world of sports – cheers.

btw… we don’t talk anymore. I miss it.


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