I’m an hour and 9 minutes late of posting on January first of two-thousand-eleven… but that’s okay.

I’m sitting here sipping on my cup of ginseng (tastes super yummy tonight) the perks of living at home and having mom make soup daily is definitely something I don’t take for granted. Can’t believe that a year came and went just like – that.

So, how did I spend my new year’s eve? I ended up barhopping with some old and new friends along the streets of Toronto. We hit up 4 bars/pubs again (matched my record from my first bar hop) and went to some really random places, like this place call the Village Idiot… where we stole (okay we asked…) for their helium “happy new year” balloons and took them with us along our “hop”. At the stroke of midnight, we were at O’Grady’s… screaming with strangers for the bartender to change the channel to the Nathan Philips Square countdown…

3…2…1… at that moment, I can’t remember what I was thinking about in particular… but I want to say thank you to a stranger (because whoever you are, you aren’t in my phonebook) who texted me and called me beautiful – more or less. But, maybe it wasn’t a message intended for me at all, or someone just drunk texted for fun or dialed the wrong number – either way I’m going to take it as it is, just like that, for face value :)

regardless, happy new year to any followers of my blog out there and the friends that come here occasionally to see “what’s up with me” … wishing you a healthy, safe, and unforgettable year ahead where mistakes will be made, and fears conquered… because we will without a doubt make it unbelievable together.


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