relaxation mode.

the holidays are wonderful – why? because…

  • I can sleep without setting an alarm clock and wake up at 11AM – Noon :)
  • Catch up on my Chinese dramas all in one sitting – No Regrets is really addictive!
  • Finally make use of my WaySpa gift certificate and get the BEST back massage/facial I’ve ever had – details on this later
  • I’ve sort of learned how to play BANG (yes, it’s a card/board game, like Mafia…) muahaha no wonder this game destroys friendships (p.s. I still crack up when someone says, “I’m going to bang __________”)
  • I made it to Cafe Princess ( for the first time and loved their green tea ice cream – so flavourful!
  • Avocado milkshakes at Vietnamese restaurants are always bomb – period.
  • I love Christmas lights and my Christmas tree and that “Christmas air”… even though it’s over now *sad face.
  • BOXING WEEK this year was a success (clothes galore!) and there goes my credit card bill for December… but I love my Flurries ( and created my own 5×7 photo book from Blacks of my Asia trip…
  • Wild Wings for the first time… and went to a new Bubble Tease store at Heartland – Nope, not the franchise.. some other random one, love the interior – it’s cute, I’d go again to try their panna cotta :)



relaxation mode.

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