officially on holidays.

oh these next 11-days are going to feel like bliss (or at least I hope they will!) time to refresh and reboot “offline” and leave the stress of work behind. off to a great start today (despite the emerging cough and the slight fever… eeeek) my day was filled with putting my out of office on my email, shopping with my dear girl friend back from Ottawa, grabbing a coffee/muffin break together and embarking on battlegrounds territory at Heartland Town Centre for the last dash of xmas shopping for love ones – needless to say, traffic was hell. But we survived (accident-free!).

I finally got around to doing a couple of things that I’ve been a total procrastinator on: 1.) scene credit card 2.) frame for my undergraduate degree 3.) booking my appointment for a massage/facial with my wayspa gift cert that’s 2+ years old … I’m proud to say that I accomplished all three today – yippeee! Caught up with some other girls tonight for our first xmas/turkey dinner (wow.. who knew that turkey took 4+ hours to oven!) it was super yummy! broke out some red wine and of course, extra garlic-y bread… ended the night with bums on the sofa watching “The Switch” starring Jennifer Aniston… the kid was uber cute in the movie, but it was rather dull and boring overall – definitely wouldn’t recommend it.

Let the holidays begin – be safe, be warm, be awesome ;)

officially on holidays.

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