It’s been a first time in a long time (or so it feels like) that I’ve been up at 2AM sitting here wanting to blog.

It surely doesn’t feel like the end of 2010 and it most definitely doesn’t feel like Christmas is 7-days away – eeek and to think I’m not exactly done my Christmas shopping yet!

Whenever it’s this time of the year, the media always provokes me to want to review my “year” … and so I think of all the significant things, the memorable experiences, the people that are still in my life, etc. It feels like a lot happened – but at the same time not really. Things off the top of my head that I remember – passing my G test, spending my last summer in Waterloo, completing my BBA, convocation, my month-long trip to Asia, starting my full-time job, sending ML off at the airport oh and moving back home “permanently.” Alright, I take it back, feels like quite a number of things happened this year. Gosh time goes by fast … and things change even faster. I wonder what life will be like this time again next year…


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