10 things…

that get me through the day:

  1. coldplay – I’m not sure why but I’ve  been religiously listening to their songs lately…
  2. post-it notes – they’re like my best friend
  3. water – if I’m dehydrated my brain cannot function
  4. MS outlook – this is sad. I check email way too often in a day. BUT, it also helps to perpetuate my efficiency in getting my work done (when it requires the input of several people)
  5. positive attitude – this is my fundamental building  block in getting through the day
  6. friendly colleagues that greet you in the halls / laughter across the cubicles about absurd topics
  7. candy. enough said. or anything sweet. yes, I said candy… not coffee. which is worse?
  8. you.
  9. you.
  10. you. :)
10 things…

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