…that’s life these days… *sigh* – just kidding!

Although I’ll admit that work keeps me busy beyond busy these days, I get great satisfaction in crossing off items on my to-do list. More importantly, they taught us in university that people will “pay” for your opinions/ideas/expertise… and surely, one of my biggest goals in starting my career “right” is making sure that I’m a valuable part of my team & organization. Needless to say, I do love what I do and despite the challenges/obstacles sometimes, I know I’m in it for all the right reasons.

With that in mind, I have this goal of always trying to MAXIMIZE my fun/playtime on the weekends by spending time with friends and family (especially since I’m in town, permanently!). So, this weekend I:

  • celebrated the birthday of my “sunshine brownie” (yup that’s your new nickname) with some good old hotpot, soju (for the first time!), LEGO game and scrabble – not to mention ice cream galore. hope you had an EPIC birthday celebration… I wish I was there to see you get caked in the face!
  • celebrated my cousin’s 7th birthday, which included KFC/Pizza Hut lunch and Chocolate Mousse Cake *feels like I’m 10 years old again attending someone’s birthday party.. those were the days. Damn, he didn’t give out any loot bags!
  • dinner with friends at Saigon Star – I am completely and utterly in love all over again with curry crab. My friend pointed out that I really enjoy eating seafood… that is SO true. I love it all: crab, lobster, oyster, mussels, clams, shrimp, etc. pit stopped Green Grotto for some Sweet Yogurt Drink  – Fuji Apple.. WOW. Will definitely order again.

So, a rather eventful weekend. weekdays consist of watching this new Chinese drama (Gun Metal Grey), keeping up to date on blogs/facebook/linkedin/etc. my daily fixes, and MWF at the office gym :) Looking forward to the holidays already. Cheers.

P.S Gosh… my cousins are growing up fast. That in turn means, I am aging… *cringe


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