an ode to beverages

I had my first bottle of San Pellegrino ( tonight … I can’t remember the last time I had carbonated natural mineral water, but this was mighty refreshing. I think I’m just a sucker for the packaging though… no surprise that it’s a product of Italy, but owned by Nestle Waters Canada?

Also tried that Starbucks’ VIA ( ready brew coffee for the first time at a sampling in a Loblaws… and it was *two thumbs up* good! (surprisingly!) given that the cost breaks down to about less than a dollar a cup… the flavour was rich, smelled yummy, and ya not too shabby after all. On that note, I also redeemed my free sampling of the Nescafe Instant Coffee that come in the individual packs (same as the Starbucks product offering I described above!) and it was mediocre. The price point is much cheaper.. I think $1.99 gets you 6 packs/cups of coffee… I probably wouldn’t buy that again. I’d get a bigger bang for my buck buying their regular Nescafe coffee that comes in the jar ;)

welcome to the beverage marketing world !

p.s Free McDonald’s coffee promotion going on Nov. 15th – 28th – all day long! Enjoy!

an ode to beverages

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