dust bunnies

My sister and I spent the entire night cleaning *gasp* …
We’re the type of folks that tend to just keep everything… aka, we have stuff from when we were super little…
But sometimes, you come across some really neat finds.. such as:

  • My first backpack EVER … haahaa ;)
  • My favourite polar bear stuffed animal way back when… I called him “LEON” (yup… named after Leon Lai!)
  • Packaging peanut filled sponge-bob square pants from Wonderland
  • OWL magazines
  • POGS – I wonder if these are worth anything now…
  • Old art work – gosh, I miss those days…
  • My Beanie Babies collection … !!!
  • Post-it’s from friends when we had lockers … some conversations were so random!
  • Old birthday cards + Valentine’s Day cards fromĀ Kindergarten ;)
  • ETC.

It’s tough to say good-bye.
But it’s at the same time I realized today that it’s also liberating to let stuff go… for good.
Besides, I have so much more room now … This whole idea of accumulating stuff is crazy when you think about it… Definitely makes me think twice about buying anything in the near future…

Exhibit A: Some of my favourite stuffed animals from childhood :*)

dust bunnies

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