It’s 12:13AM. I’m still up.  Despite the long and exhaustive work day, it was invigorating :) Days on the “job” aren’t routine (EVER!) and I’m slowly, but surely picking up my grove and enjoying every second of it. *whew*

I’m not really here to talk about my day, but instead, I wanted to jot down some random realizations about my life/me/anything/everything lately… because I haven’t been writing enough, and I feel I owe it to myself to do it now (even though it’s delayed…)

  • Sometimes it’s just ONE line out of a song that gets me good… I’m such a sucker for words that say exactly what I’m thinking/feeling/etc.
  • Whatever it may be, trying hard to search for something ‘perfect’ always seems to fail… my examples: 1.) car purchase, 2.) house purchase 3.) mail-order-boyfriend HAAHAA jks.
  • My guilty pleasure: GG – it’s really corny, but that are particular scenes/dialogue/characters that make me occasionally believe in true-extraordinary-undying-passionate-genuine “love” again
  • Best friend: you’re half way across the world, but please know, even though my time is primarily occupied with work now, I miss you dearly (congratulations, btw!)
  • Ever since work started, I’ve been consuming alcohol on an every-weekend basis – Is there a correlation? HA!
  • What I need and want are perpetually misaligned – What should I do?
  • Whoever said I was an early bird / morning person was… well… CORRECT. :)

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