hello stranger

Oh it feels good to be back on my laptop again … sleeping in my own bed … and coming home to well … “home” … it really does feel like “home sweet home” after roaming the other side of the globe for a month (but it literally just flew by so fast!) It’s a very satisfying feeling to come home to a world that’s familiar to me … but needless to say, I have so much to share about my past 3o-days away from home (I’m not even sure where to begin) hopefully, in a few days, I will let the photographs do the talking.

I caught up with a few friends online yesterday – a few hours after I landed and unpacked some of my goodies – and many have asked what my favourite place was … what a difficult question to answer! Asia was amazing – especially for my first trip outside of North America – Vietnam, Shanghai, Shi Long, Hong Kong, Macau, etc. all had such character and to adapt and be a part of the culture at each destination was truly an eye-opener for me. Particularly, the grand differences between how people live day-to-day versus our good old Canadian lifestyle. I was really lucky on my trip to be able to hang out with “locals” … I didn’t want to just be a tourist and have a tourguide take me to all the “hotspots” in the city/country, I really wanted to get an up close and personal “feel” for life over there and I’m super glad that I had friends and family that took me under their wings.

Will I miss Asia? Of course … this was one of those trips that I’ve been waiting for since.. I can’t even remember. Meeting uncles/aunts/cousins for the first time (oh yes, a good friend in HK too – heehee!) and spending a week hanging out with my best friend at her favourite place in the entire world (I see why you love it now, it grew on me too!). So really, this adventure was truly an ‘adventure’ because of the people I got to share this experience with. I will most definitely keep in touch and miss you much. I will be back to visit some day …

hello stranger

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