heart & soul.

Sometimes don’t you just want to pour your heart and soul out to somebody? Often, when I feel like there’s a lot on my mind, I tend to write it all down. Ink on a page … or typing furiously without much hesitation on that “private entry” mode… and then, going back to delete that entry later “just because” … When I think about it, there aren’t that many people in this world that I can do that with (I can probably count the # of people with just one hand.) But I guess it’s considered pretty rare to actually find someone who “gets you” … ya know? I haven’t had a lot of those encounters either. Someone who just understands, gets how you really feel or what you mean to say without saying very much at all. maybe it has something to do with how long you’ve been acquainted with that person sometimes, but it doesn’t. Because for the people that are considered to be “this type of person” to me – I just automatically knew.

Anyways, I’m leaving soon on my big trip. I still have so much to pack! oh god. I have a sort of weird feeling floating inside of me. I can’t quite put my finger on it yet… But I’m almost either hoping that when I come back things will be different… OR hoping they will be the same? Whatever that means… I guess to me, this trip means a lot on so many levels. I haven’t had the chance to talk to anyone about what it means for me “spiritually,” but that element most definitely exists. There’s a lot that I’m hoping to experience, bring back, leave behind, renew, and rejuvenate over these next 30-days… so I pray I have the energy and courage to face it all ahead.

heart & soul.

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