go big or go home.

alright… it’s about t-10 hours before I leave Canadian soil … super duper excited.
to the extent that.. it’s probably the reason why I’m still up and have a slight headache.. bummer.
but anyways, all packed and almost ready to roll.
I have this feeling that I might be forgetting to pack something.. but I’ve double checked and almost triple checked my packing list… !!! must.. trust.. self.. !!!
anyhow :) it’s finally kicking in that I’ll be embarking on an ADVENTURE.
(yup, that’s exactly what I’m calling it because I have no idea what’s in store for me – hopefully, only good things!)
things on my mind right now: 1.) what movies am I going to watch on my 15-hour plane ride, 2.) how hot will it really be when I land in Hong Kong? 3.) must… not… lose… luggage… *crosses fingers* 4.) a really nice facebook note that someone left me – thanks.

OK – I’m ready to work some magic over there in Asia with my camera(s) – you bet DIANA F+ MINI is in my carry-on.

much love,

go big or go home.

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